22 april 2022, kl. 15:00

Is it time for a change?

Spring is here and buds are sprouting. Many of us are back at the office and find our way back to old or new routines. New starts in many ways! Working remotely has created mixed feelings for many of us. Some of us love getting back to physical meetings and interactions. Others miss the freedom of working from home and are now feeling stuck as they go back to the ”ordinary rat race".

As coaches we meet more clients than usual who want a change. Some want to develop their leadership skills or move on in their careers. Others want to resolve a conflict, with another person or with themselves. 

Of course, people who attend our trainings want to become better coaches. Many also want change. Some want a career change, others just want to find new ways to develop and thrive where they are right now. Through coaching and self reflection they find new perspectives and can get clearer about what is really important. 

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We wish you a Happy Spring!

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