4 februari 2021, kl. 08:30

Congratulations Samar!

Today we are proud and happy to congratulate Samar Perez Lennart who is now an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC)!

Samar says; "Some time ago I wanted to explore a new way of leading and living. Coaching came up and I got in contact with Anja Lindberg.  I had some coaching experience within in my profession however I was not an educated coach. Last year I started a fantastic development journey within individual coaching and team coaching together with Coachutbildning Sverige in Stockholm, to become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).


For me coaching is a way to open up doors and to unlock your inner capacity so that you  can get energized about your passion in life. Coaching supports you to make it happen. It is a journey of personal exploration. Who you want to be and what you want next. It is a chance to see new possibilities and life from another perspective. Coaching individuals and teams to unleash their potentials and for them to be the best of themselves, gives me a lot of new insights and positive energy. As a cosmopolitan, born in Jordan, raised in Sweden and living 22 years in Germany now back in Sweden, I find myself at the permanently if constructively at the crossroads of innovation. I enjoy envisioning new ideas and concepts. My thoughts are diverse and forward looking which supports me a lot when listening, humming and asking clients questions."

Samar Perez Lennart



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