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Are you worried about losing your job. What can you do?

By Christelle Pottinger, Career Coach

May 2020, the world is in the midst of Covid19. Beyond life and death consequences, the impact on the economy is already been felt. Many companies have closed down and workers are being laid off or put on temporary leave. But not you. Or not yet. This is a time of great uncertainty and you might be worried about losing your job. What can you do? Take control of the situation and help reduce your anxiety.

  1. Assess your situation as objectively as possible

Is your company or role really at risk or are you influenced by the general panic? Who can help you get a realistic perspective? Who can you ask (a colleague, your boss, a friend in the industry)?

  1. Manage your stress

We react differently to insecurity. Be kind to yourself if you feel anxious or nervous. Allocate more time to relaxing and feel-good activities. Which ones are they? For when can they be scheduled?

  1. Be extra-useful to your company

How can you show your commitment to your team and organisation? Can you offer your expertise to other departments? How can you further help your company adapt to this unusual situation?

  1. Stay current 

Keeping your skills, knowledge or certifications up-to-date is essential to remain attractive to your organisation or others. How can you stay relevant and up-to-date? How can you learn new skills?

  1. Update your LinkedIn profile and CV

A smart thing to do, not only for potential future job seekers. Look back at what you have achieved in the past few months or years. Identify your strengths and skills. Communicate them effectively. Taking the time to do it thoroughly and consciously will make you feel safer. You will also be much better prepared to react if an interesting role should arise.

  1. Think positively

In times of uncertainty, it is tempting to focus on all the things that can go wrong. But there can also be opportunities. What can they be for you? How could you take advantage of them?

Good luck and stay positive, you still have your job!


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