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5 tips on how to change career when you don't know where to start

Feeling stuck in a career that doesn’t suit you? Unsure of what else you could do? Drawing on my own experience, here are 5 tips to increase your chances of finding a job you’ll love.

By Christelle Pottinger, Professional Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Expert Brand Strategist


1. Stop thinking, start playing!

You’ve probably spent hours thinking, and fantasising, about quitting your job, building scenarios about what else you could do. You might have read self-help books or articles (like this one) about changing career. But, you haven’t yet figured out the what and the how.

If changing career was easy, you’d know by now! Well, it’s not going to happen by over-analysing, so why not try something else instead? Pick one of your many ideas (however small) and investigate. It could mean meeting people, attending events or conferences, taking a free online course or volunteering. You will gain valuable insights about yourself and your next career choice.

2. You don’t need to have a vision or passion

This is probably going against many things you have read, but we are not all visionaries or passionate! Not being able to answer the question ‘what do you want to be in 10 years?’ is paralysing. So, let’s skip this. It’s like being in a fog and being asked what is on the horizon…so focus on what’s within you. Then take a first step.

Ask yourself these questions: What are my values? What do I find motivating? What gives me joy or energy? Then start exploring.

3. It’s not a switch

We hear the term ‘career switch’ as if it happens with a flick of a button. Don’t kid yourself, there is no immediacy. It’s a journey, and it can take years. So relax and enjoy the ride. Start by identifying one thing that interests you and take a first action.

Know and accept your limitations

4. You are the one wanting to change, but you may be preventing yourself from doing it. After years working in the same industry, company, using the same skills and socialising with the same people, we get comfortable - and our perception of possibilities becomes restricted. We have many fears (to fail, to get it wrong, to take risks, to look like an idiot) and we put obstacles in our way. If you can recognise them and accept them, then it becomes easier to either overcome them or work with them.

5. Don’t do it alone

The biggest challenge to a career change is inertia: to stay comfortably uncomfortable (and complain about it). You’ll need courage and persistence to succeed; that’s why you need the support of others. Grab friends or colleagues in similar situations and challenge each other. You will gain accountability, encouragement, and it will be more fun!

What’s next? Do something.

If you live in Stockholm and want to increase your chances of changing career, join my next Career Change Coaching Group, starting in November. Group Coaching is a great way to progress on your goal, and benefit from other’s experience and support. You can read more about it here.Christelle 2

Christelle Pottinger

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