11 februari 2016, kl. 10:36

The magic and power of creating insight

Guest blog: Stephan Stahl, Director Learning & Development, Scandic Hotels

Stephan Stahl

In today’s world we often speak of cause and effect. With regards to coaching I would define coaching as the cause (or method) and insight as the effect. An effect that can free enormous power as it releases (often self-made) blockades and gives great clarity. A power that can enable and drive change – both within the individual as well as within teams and organizations. 

What felt impossible a moment ago, can all of a sudden become stimulating and energizing. How? My experience in coaching both individuals and teams is that a transition takes place during the coaching process. The transition is moving from a stage of confusion, deception or blindness to a stage where known but covered realities are "discovered” and manifest as insight. It really is about uncovering hidden potential by creating (self-) insight which then becomes a catalyst for progression. 

Without insight, no progress, no change, no growth can happen. Hence, coaching is the magic that brings things to life!

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